GDPR Contract

As you are aware, the UK and Europe have legislation in place to ensure the safety of personal data – namely the UK Data Protection Bill 2017 and the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016.

A dental practice placing any order with Rhondium Dental Laboratories (UK) Ltd agrees the following:

That, in accordance with and in full compliance with GDPR legislation, your practice:

  1. Is acting as the Controller of patient data.
  2. Is instructing Rhondium Dental Laboratories (UK) Ltd to act as the Processor of patient data.
  3. Has obtained the explicit permission from the patient (or their duly authorised representative) to process that patient’s data and to subcontract the processing of that data.

To this end a signed GDPR Agreement between your dental practice (as the Data Controller) and Rhondium Dental Laboratories UK Limited (as the processor) is required when patient data is shared.

This agreement is to be kept on file by both parties.

For your convenience, a copy of a GDPR Agreement is available for download – complete and sign, and scan and email to

Download here

A copy of the fully signed agreement will be returned to you for filing

Refer to our detailed Privacy Policy here