OVC Online Training Course

1 Video | Total: 3 minutes

  • How to prepare the tooth for correct occlusal clearance | 3 minutes

1 Video | Total: 5 minutes

  • How to place the OVC using the McDonald Matrix band | 5 minutes

1 Video | Total: 7 minutes

  • How to place the OVC using the OVC Proximal Wedges| 7 minutes
  • Securing the Matrix Band
  • Spot Curing for Faster Clean Up
  • OVC Contact Instrument
  • McDonald Matrix Band Removal

Module 1 Lesson Tooth Preparation

In this lesson, you’ll learn how Dr Adam Doudney prepares the tooth prior to placement of the OVC.

Percentage complete: 10%

Common Prep FAQ’s

You can use the included Seating Guide that came with your OVC case as shown in the below picture.

OVC Seating Guide with Rubber Dam


You can continue the procedure, however it is likely that the OVC will be set high and you will need to spend more time adjusting the bite later.

There also is a small risk that the OVC might break when pressing down on the Seating Guide.

Most dental suppliers will have this – Google search “Occlude Aerosol Spray” in your area to find a local supplier near you.   Alterntivaely you can rub articulating paper onto the replica to help guide you to any high spots.

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