Rhondair ACS Pre-Production Limited Offer

Only 20 Units Available

For One Visit Crown customers only, we have 20 pre-production units available.  Units are allocated on a first-in first-served basis – so don’t delay:
Reserve your unit today at a majorly discounted price of $749.00 + GST & Shipping.

Order Your Rhondair Pre-Production Unit Here

Pre-production Pre-Order FAQ’s

We watched during the lockdown and though that the guidelines dentists were being asked to follow were problematic and not practical. We figured the best way was to capture at the source and the current products on the market were not effective. So we used the time during lockdown to work as fast as possible on a system that is both practical and effective.

The pre-production Rhondair ACS units are currently in production – dispatch is estimated to be 4-6 weeks from order date.

While exact shipping costs will depend on your location, we currently estimate shipping to be approximately $50 within the North Island, and $80 in the South Island.

Included with the unit is a pre-installed HEPA filter, 50 single use shields and sleeves, 3 funnels and 3m of ducting.

Yes, you can choose to vent the unit outside and create a negative pressure room, just indicate on the order form which type of installation you’d prefer.

We would like to get real customer feedback prior to its official launch.   We’ve decided to offer these 20 units as a thank you to our best One Visit Crown customers only before they are available anywhere else.

The pre-production unit has a funnel and end caps that are moulded by hand while we wait for the injection moulding tools to be ready.  The rest of the unit is likely to be the same.

There is no catch – we want you to be the first to try the Rhondair in practice.  We may contact you to ask for feedback when you have a spare moment.

About Rhondium Dental Labs

With the support of the dental industry, we looked at the current solutions available to reduce the effects of harmful dental aerosols.   We got to work during lockdown designing a new system from the ground up.  Our goal with the Rhondair ACS was to create a cost-effective solution to capture aerosols at the source.

Rhondium Dental Labs is a high tech research and development company comprised of innovative engineers, dentists and lab technicians.  Our other notable innovations such as the One Visit Crown have now become essential services for many dental practices as they look to help their patients recover from the pandemic.