Dr Terry Wong prepped and placed 8 One Visit Crowns (OVC) in just one appointment.

This interesting case submitted by Australian dentist Dr Wong of Smiles To Go included a full smile makeover and 3D printed impression model.

Dr Wong used 3D scanners and 3D printed a full-sized model of his patient’s mouth.

The case started with upper direct composite veneers to replace ones done by her previous dentist.

This patient had resin bonding on all upper teeth 15-25 and wanted to have the same on the lower anterior teeth.

However in order to facilitate this, she would need the vertical dimension raised, thus OVC was a perfect choice in raising the lower posterior teeth to allow Dr Wong to increase the height of the lower 33-43 for a better aesthetic result.

The cost was a large factor and the fact Dr Wong did not need to prepare any teeth was extremely important to the patient.

Dr Wong planned to use the OVC on the lower teeth: 34,35,36,37,44,45,46,47 in shade A2 (as her other resin bonding were XL enamel shade (Empress direct).

The OVC overlays were made indirectly after scanning her lower teeth and then produced directly on the model and removed and bonded to her posterior teeth.

Dr Terry Wong says that he is “overall extremely happy with the outcome and the OVC product”.