Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our customers complete the OVC in around 30 minutes, including prep. When first starting out with the OVC, it is expected to take longer and we suggest adding extra time to your first case appointment to prevent un-needed stress. Allowing 60-90 minutes is suggested. Generally, we suggest that it takes around 3-5 OVC procedures before a dentist is proficient in the procedure.

Training is not mandatory, though it is highly recommended that you attend a physical or online training session with one of our product specialists. It is important to us that you feel confident and supported so you have the opportunity to be successful with the OVC.

As with any new technique, the OVC does require some degree of learning before you will be proficient. A great place to start is our videos section. Please view our online videos that show the technique.

If you’d like to arrange more personalised training, you can book a one-on-one training session with a product specialist. Please ring us to book a session.

Yes. We offer free one-on-one online training sessions. Depending on your location, we also host regular CPD events. For dental offices or groups of multiple dentists, a lunch and learn event or similar may be possible – please contact us to discuss.

Many of our customers simply include the OVC option as part of their everyday crown explanation, covering the pros and cons of each solution and their associated costs.

Dentists who actively talk about all of the options are those that notice an uptake both in OVC acceptance and also in traditional crown acceptance.

There are many clinical situations where the One Visit Crown is the perfect compliment to your practice.

Converting large fillings to OVC’s – Often a patient presents with a tooth that needs to be heavily filled or crowned. The OVC can be a more affordable option for these patients.

As an alternative option for a crown or onlay – The OVC is an ideal full coverage restorative option for many patients, who appreciate the more efficient procedure.

For financially challenged patients – The OVC is a great option for patients that need a full coverage restoration but struggle to afford the treatment.