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Awarded by GHP in the Oral Health and Dentistry Awards as the Most Innovative Custom-Made Crown & Onlay Laboratory Service 2019, Rhondium Dental Laboratories is proud to provide a service that pushes the boundaries of modern dentistry, and paves the way to create better clinical outcomes for patients. Our mission is to make high-quality dental crown and onlay procedures affordable to all patients.

With innovation at our core, Rhondium works closely with dentist customers and key opinion leaders in the industry to constantly refine and improve the OVC solution and clinical procedure.

Rhondium Dental Laboratory

First launched in New Zealand in 2014 by Dr Simon McDonald, the OVC has come a long way over the years, with each iteration developed to improve the overall experience for dentists. Headquartered in New Zealand, Rhondium Dental Laboratories entered the United Kingdom and Europe in 2016 and Australia in 2017.

OVC4 is the only custom-made crown, that is prepared and placed in a single visit, without the need for expensive CAD/CAM machinery. It has been highly praised for its minimally invasive characteristics.

Rhondium Dental Laboratory

The key conceptual difference between the OVC4 and regular crown procedures is that OVCis made from a “study-model” type of impression. The impression is taken of the tooth PRIOR to any tooth preparation. This is normally during the patient’s consultation appointment. The custom-made OVC4 uses a unique technology with a heat-cured occlusal layer and an uncured sub-layer that adapts to the tooth prep. This technology is what makes it all possible.

Triodent V3 Matrix SystemIt is the OVC’s efficiency that enables dentists to offer it as a mid-priced, minimally invasive crown option.

Dr Simon McDonald is no stranger to inventing breakthrough products, one of his most notable previous inventions includes the V3 Sectional Matrix System, used for class two composite restorations. This is now sold by Dentsply Sirona.

Dr McDonald says; “It’s about doing things differently, and better. Our mission is to dramatically transform how dentists work, to create better results for both patients and dentists by making dental treatments more accessible and affordable. Through using the latest technology and applying very clever thinking, we can provide simple yet highly effective and innovative products.”

Dr Ben Malabanan Jr

A recent testimonial by customer Dr Ben Malabanan Jr sums it up quite nicely.

In his words: “this product will change restorative dentistry in a way no other product has done since I graduated dental school in 1989.”

Rhondium Board of Directors

Bio Dr Simon McDonald

Dr Simon McDonald
Executive Chairman – Rhondium Group


Dr Simon McDonald is a serial inventor and entrepreneur as well as a successful dentist. His achievements include being the founder and CEO of Triodent (2003), which was later sold to Dentsply in 2013. He is also the founder and CEO of Rhondium (2013). Simon received his BDS in 1978 and an MSc in 1983. He is the author of one of the first papers on the Atraumatic Restorative Treatment (1983) and has also published papers on worldwide patterns of caries.

Some of Dr McDonald’s most notable inventions include:

  • The One Visit Crown
  • McDonald Matrix Band
  • V, V3 and V4 Rings
  • Stretch Wedge, V Wedge, Wave Wedge and V4 Wedge
  • WedgeGuard
  • Tab Matrix Band, V3 Tab Matrix Band, SuperCurve Matrix Band, ClearMetal Matrix Band
  • Tri-Clip
  • Griptab

Dr McDonald also has philanthropic interests and was a primary founder of Hawaiki Rising Voyaging Trust whose aim is to help young Maori/Polynesian teenagers find a connection with their proud sailing heritage and become strong resilient leaders. His other interests include a large family (8 children), kiteboarding and skippering his offshore yacht.


Mr Yashen Jones
Director Rhondium Group

Yashen has over 30 years’ experience in senior finance positions in both New Zealand and the UK, and holds a B.Sc in Mathematics, with First Class Honours. Yashen is involved, mostly at a Board level, in the financial and legal challenges of Rhondium. He was General Manager for Triodent from 2011 to 2013, as well as Finance Director with Triodent from 2007 to 2013 and a key member of the team which carried out the successful sale of the Triodent business to Dentsply International. Yashen was a significant player in Triodent’s successful transition from a small local company to a fully-fledged manufacturer with over 100 employees and annual sales of around $20m pa.

Bio Andrew Mitchell

Mr Andrew Mitchell
Director Rhondium Group

Andrew has spent twenty years in marketing communications as an award-winning copywriter, creative director and strategist for various leading advertising agencies. His passion is business to business communications and marketing, and his deep experience in this area sees him bring a fresh and valuable strategic voice to the Rhondium board. Andrew is also the founder and director of Brand Machine, a marketing technology client that brings world-class marketing automation technology to many leading Asia Pacific brands.

Bio Scott Hamilton

Mr Scott Hamilton
Director Rhondium Group

Scott brings a banking background, with 10 years’ experience in senior funds management roles in New Zealand and England. Scott has also held commercial finance roles, including mergers, acquisition, and exit with Onesource Limited. Scott is CEO of Quayside Holdings Limited, the $1.7bn investment arm of the Bay of Plenty Regional Council, a role held since 2010. He is a director of OPAC Limited and Rhondium Limited. Scott is a Chartered Accountant with the ICAANZ, and a member of the Institute of Directors.