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Separator Wedge – better by design

This wedge is designed to separate. Although it has parallel sides, it’s rigidity increases as you push it in further. It’s ski-jump tip is kind to the gingival papillae on the other side and it’s easy to hold and push in. The Separator Wedge provide good compression the gingival tissues and prevents seepage while holding the matrix tight against the tooth.
Only 3 sizes required and they are autoclavable so you can be sure they are sterile when you use them.

For best results

  • Place soon after the local anaesthetic works to start the tooth separation. This also prevents catching the gingival tissues during tooth prevent.
  • Push in several times to take up the slack as the teeth move apart.
  • Slide partially back out while placing the matrix, then push back in firmly.
  • Pronounced ski-jump tip

  • Springy at the tip, becoming very rigid towards the handle

  • Parallel sides

  • Handle has stops and a hole

  • Flat pad on the end of the handle

  • Three sizes

Separator Wedge Product Range

Separator Wedge – Large – Blue – 100 Pack

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Separator Wedge – Medium – Green – 100 Pack

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Separator Wedge – Small – Yellow – 100 Pack

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Separator Wedge – Regular Pack – 50 x all 3 sizes

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Try the Separator Wedges now and discover great separation and ease of use wedges.