As we’ve witnessed most recently, along with the rest of the world, New Zealanders certainly know a thing or two about how best to get things done!

…In light of which, it might surprise you to learn that NZ was the very birthplace of the OVC – which is now in its 6th year on the market!

With many Australian Dentists having also caught onto the hype, it is no wonder why over 40,000 units have been sold – and why the OVC is still making waves in the Australasian dental market.


Having entered back into relative normality, our Aussie and Kiwi Dental counterparts have been finding the OVC increasingly useful for returning to practice, integrating OVC’s as part of their standard treatment options – allowing for more affordable dentistry to the masses, under the safety of rubber dam, in less appointment times than usual crown/onlay services.

And the process couldn’t be easier:24th june

In-keeping with lowering the risk of AGP-treatments, you may like to learn that our OVC’s can be prepped and fitted under rubber dam:

So, UK Dentists: as we head back into practice, it’s time for us to catch up and start making the most ofthe OVC Dental Crown as an essential cost-effective product – and save teeth and smiles in the process!

Before and After double shots 600x200 - 2