Patient Information:
This patient’s molar was weakened by a previous large filling and cracked cusp with deep caries on one side. The deep box required a build up before the crown preparation.

Dentist Comments:
A One Visit Crown blue wedge was used to depress the gingival tissues and form the shape required for the box build up.

After the reduction of the occlusal surface, a stretch wedge is inserted to increase tooth separation prior to matrix band placement.

The One Visit Crown Matrix is placed on the prep and pinch tightened – then the Stretch Wedges are carefully flossed into the interproximal spaces.

The One Visit Crown is then pressed into the matrix band prep. Careful attention is given to alignment and occlusal height before the centre is spot cured to secure the One Visit Crown’s location.

The excess material is then cleaned up and the One Visit Crown fully light cured. The final steps are to remove the matrix band then trim and polish the restoration.

Dr Adam Doudney, Western Bay Dental