HVE and PPE are not enough!

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CDC requires distinct aerosol engineering controls

“In the healthcare setting, aerosol is used with respect to “aerosol-generating procedures” (e.g., intubation, bronchoscopy) that produce small droplets and particles and require distinct engineering controls to prevent occupational transmission of infectious pathogens like SARS-CoV-2.”

Unique Shield Design

Great Working Room and Capture Performance

Unique Shield Design

Great Working Room and Capture Performance

Low Noise Design
High Volume Suction

Best of both worlds

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Simple Intuitive Installation

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Medical Grade H13 HEPA Filter

Medical grade H13 HEPA filter captures 99.95% or more of all particles – including the size ranges that viruses, COVID-19, and dental aerosols exist within.

Here is a NASA study showing how HEPA filters capture Submicron and Nanoparticulate particles.

Since incorporating the Rhondair in my practice, I am maximising the ability to capture aerosols created by handpieces, powder from sandblasting ,smells during laser use or those emanating from my patient during treatment.

In doing so, I am removing any airborne pathogens, to make the environment of my working space safe.

I have peace of mind in knowing that by incorporating this new technology in my work place, I am safeguarding the health of my staff and patients.

Dr Terry Wong, SmileToGo - Australia

A very innovative solution to help keep my staff and patients safe. I like how the Rhondair is quiet and easy to use, as well as the peace of mind it gives everyone by capturing those aerosols. It has been easy to incorporate it into my practice and everyday infection control.

“I really like the unit especially doing aerosols – I think it should be essential kit so we don’t get covered in so much s**t. It has good aerosol capture, easy to change over between patients and I can just say that I have felt safer using it ….patients actually like hugging it”
Dr Andrew Huntington, Nelson Bay Dental AU

I am absolutely  thrilled with my Rhondair! The biggest bonus is the disposable, recyclable shields which don’t get in the way of me operating.   Fits well into my operatory, easy assembly and feel very much safer having the Rhondair Aerosol Capture Unit.

“I am really impressed with my new Rhondair. Found it an easy unit to set up, way quieter than expected, reasonably priced and fits into my surgery nicely. My staff and I are very happy to have the added protection Rhondair provides.”

Dr Anne-Marie Fouche, Western Bay Dental
“Really impressive and easy to assemble. Less noise than our suction, once our hand pieces and drills are going, it’s way less noise than that. We’re all happy and safe, and this is what we want!”
Ena, Dental Assistant, Gentle Dental

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Rhondium Articles and Blog

Since March we’ve all seen an explosion of articles, forum posts, and products regarding aerosols and aerosol risks. The initial pandemic response in the dental and wider medical associations was a fairly predictable one: stay cautious and double down on PPE.

While PPE should absolutely be used, standard health and safety practice dictates that PPE is the least effective hazard control available. PPE should always be the last line of defence, not the first – and certainly….. Read more…

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